Luxury Hotel in Lonavala: A Great Place to Relax and Enjoy!

Lonavala is one of those major travel areas that’s surrounded with splendid beauty. It’s not only a great location to explore quality life but is also an amazing destination to conduct business. With a number of resorts, hotels, clubs and beautiful attractions, this location has been appealing for various travellers across India.

Rhythm – Luxury Hotel in Lonavala – A Whole New World of Lavishness and Comfort
Rhythm redefines the location with its lavish structure. Iconic designs, unique infrastructure with a blend of modern facilities and amenities, this luxury hotel in Lonavala makes sure you run no short of your business and vacation needs.

Connectivity at Its Best
The reason why this 5- star hotel in Lonavala is so popular is that it allows you to connect to the outer world effortlessly. Be it by road or by railway – you will never have any problems with connectivity.
Even if you have visitors coming from abroad for business purpose, you need not have to worry about their accommodation, stay and travelling aspects. Rhythm resort takes care of all these aspects.

Food and Dine
Rhythm resort in Lonavala also provides exquisite dining options to tickle your taste buds. With a cheerful ambience and the warmth of Indian hospitality, this hotel is truly a welcome sanctuary for discerning travellers, both local as well as international.

Rhythm hotel in Lonavala offers excellent service to its customers. Every visitor/guest is given VIP treatment, right from the time they arrive in the hotel, until the time they check-out. Moreover, with well-equipped security systems – they ease your worries when it comes to personal safety.

Author: Rhythm Lonavala

Rhythm is based on a philosophy that aims to create harmony in life through the 'tree of life' concept — one that connects all life forms on the planet with its eternal and divine nature. The 5 star hotel in Lonavala aims to provide an enchanted experience that reconnects guests with the sacred natural world, and reinforces energies and good health. Designed in traditional Asian-Colonial architecture, our 5 star resort in Lonavala is an epitome of elegance, providing the ultimate in style and comfort paired with tranquillity. The property is build around a unique and wonderful collection of pre-existing trees, which are over 70 years old. This natural legacy is the ethos behind our 'Tree of Life' logo and our efforts to re-unite us with nature.