Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas at 5 Star Hotel in Lonavala

Rhythm is a traditional low-rise Asian-Colonial style, luxury hotel in Lonavala. Situated at only a 2-hour drive from the busy cities of Mumbai and Pune, Rhythm offers a beautiful environment that’s completely in harmony with nature. So, if you are in Mumbai or Pune, consider taking a trip to this luxurious hotel in Lonavala during the … Continue reading “Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas at 5 Star Hotel in Lonavala”

Rhythm Resort – Agoda, Gold Circle Award Winner 2018

According to a survey by Agoda, one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel agents – Rhythm is considered to be one of the best hotels in Lonavala. Whether for business or leisure, travellers from Mumbai – Pune prefer going to Rhythm resort in Lonavala be it any season. Agoda – a part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group … Continue reading “Rhythm Resort – Agoda, Gold Circle Award Winner 2018”

Luxury Hotel in Lonavala: A Great Place to Relax and Enjoy!

Lonavala is one of those major travel areas that’s surrounded with splendid beauty. It’s not only a great location to explore quality life but is also an amazing destination to conduct business. With a number of resorts, hotels, clubs and beautiful attractions, this location has been appealing for various travellers across India. Rhythm – Luxury … Continue reading “Luxury Hotel in Lonavala: A Great Place to Relax and Enjoy!”

Book Rhythm-Imagica Package and Enjoy a Great Vacation

Nestled between unabashed indulgence and a sense of oneness with nature amidst the imposing Sahyadri Mountains—Rhythm is always discovering something new, exciting and fun to do for its guests. Rhythm is one of the best resorts in Lonavala for a family vacation travel, especially for families with kids. No other resort in Lonavala provides as … Continue reading “Book Rhythm-Imagica Package and Enjoy a Great Vacation”

Rhythm Offers Catering in Lonavala

A large portion of planning for an event is food – figuring out what food you want to serve, knowing the number of people you need to feed, preparing the food, serving the food, and keeping the event spick and span is a stressful task. Rhythm resort in Lonavala takes pride in helping you ease … Continue reading “Rhythm Offers Catering in Lonavala”

Luxury Hotels in Lonavala: A Great Place For Business and Leisure

A popular hill station in Maharashtra, Lonavala is a beautiful escape from the chaotic noise of city life. Magnificent climate, exquisite historical forts, antique caves and beautiful lakes make it the most sought-after destination for various travellers all around. Luxury Hotels in Lonavala – A Whole New World of Lavishness and Comfort Luxury hotels in … Continue reading “Luxury Hotels in Lonavala: A Great Place For Business and Leisure”

Rhythm Lonavala – Weekend Getaway to Lonavala This Monsoon!

Blessed with abundant green-lands and waterfalls, Lonavala is a must visit the place during the rains. Everything about this place makes you feel better and refreshes your mind from the daily busy routine you’ve been following in your life! However, one thing you should not miss in Lonavala every monsoon is the visit to Rhythm resort. … Continue reading “Rhythm Lonavala – Weekend Getaway to Lonavala This Monsoon!”

At Rhythm – Create Some Magic of Your Own This Summer

Summer getaways don’t have to be splurges. Value-seeking holiday-goers can plan an affordable stay at Lonavala, blending good environment with wonderful hiking in hills. And, just a few miles away on the old Mumbai–Pune highway, is Rhythm Resort a 5 star resort in Lonavala. A scenic two-hour drive from Mumbai at Tungarli – this luxury hotel in Lonavala … Continue reading “At Rhythm – Create Some Magic of Your Own This Summer”

Rhythm Resort – Defining Luxury

As per the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) luxury is described as: “A state of great comfort or elegance involving great expense”. Rhythm is one such resort in Lonavala that defines the art of luxury. The 5 star luxury hotel in Lonavala is one of the most sought-after destinations for relaxation and rejuvenation. If you can’t believe, here are … Continue reading “Rhythm Resort – Defining Luxury”

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas in Rhythm

One of the most romantic ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary is a destination or a well planned idealistic getaway. Going away together is incredibly romantic. And choosing an exotic destination such as Rhythm resort in Lonavala can make even the simplest wedding anniversary absolutely breathtaking. The added bonus is that all the amenities will … Continue reading “Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas in Rhythm”