Rhythm Offers Catering in Lonavala

A large portion of planning for an event is food – figuring out what food you want to serve, knowing the number of people you need to feed, preparing the food, serving the food, and keeping the event spick and span is a stressful task. Rhythm resort in Lonavala takes pride in helping you ease … Continue reading “Rhythm Offers Catering in Lonavala”

Enjoy a Wedding Celebration at Rhythm Lonavala

A wedding is a magical moment, and to have it at Rhythm resort in Lonavala – you are assured to make the celebration even more special. Designed in traditional Asian-Colonial architecture, this 5 star resort is an epitome of elegance, providing the ultimate in style and comfort paired with tranquillity. The property is built around … Continue reading “Enjoy a Wedding Celebration at Rhythm Lonavala”