Enjoy a Relaxing Weekend At Rhythm Lonavala

Lonavala has everything one could ask for. It’s a paradise surrounded by lush greenery and a central point for many entertainment options as well. With all the good things that are said about Lonavala – enjoying a luxury vacation in the Lonavala looks like heaven on earth. Isn’t it? But with Rhythm resort in Lonavala, you can actually experience this feeling with great delight.

Rhythm Lonavala Unites You With Nature

Rhythm is a luxury resort in Lonavala.  The property nestles between unabashed indulgence and a sense of oneness with nature amidst the imposing Sahyadri Mountains.  What makes Rhythm unique from others is the fact that the property has been built around a family of trees that are over 70 years old. Great care has been taken to ensure none of the trees were harmed during the construction of this luxury resort.  This resort lives by the logo ‘tree of life’ and makes every effort to reunite you with nature.

Saves Your Time

With Rhythm resort you have a location that puts time literally in your hands. This 5 star hotel in Lonavala is located just 2 hours’ drive from Mumbai at Tungarli on the old Mumbai–Pune highway. So be it any part of the day, you can easily travel to and fro from this place, without any hassles.


In terms of space and area, the rooms are well structured and well-organized. The luxury hotel offers a premium collection of 84 beautifully appointed Cypress and Banyan Suites.  So, if you have a reasonable budget and are looking for a good accommodation in Lonavala, then Rhythm proves to be the best option for you.

Luxurious Amenities

Designed in traditional low-rise Asian-Colonial style, the luxury hotel is an epitome of elegance, providing the ultimate in style and comfort paired with tranquillity.

To add to your happiness, it also has the following amenities embedded:

  • A wellness spa
  • Well equipped gymnasium
  • A swimming pool
  • A corner store of premium handcraft and artifacts
  • Children’s adventure zone
  • Games Room etc.

So whether you wish to spend quality time with your family or are planning to celebrate an event with your relatives and friends over the weekend, Rhythm has all the facilities available – just for you.  It’s worth the money spent.

Rhythm delivers what is being promised and has always lived up to the expectation. So if you are one of those looking to convert your luxurious blissful weekend dream into reality. Go ahead and spend time at Rhythm Lonavala!!

For more information visit http://rhythmlonavala.in/

Author: Rhythm Lonavala

Rhythm is based on a philosophy that aims to create harmony in life through the 'tree of life' concept — one that connects all life forms on the planet with its eternal and divine nature. The 5 star hotel in Lonavala aims to provide an enchanted experience that reconnects guests with the sacred natural world, and reinforces energies and good health. Designed in traditional Asian-Colonial architecture, our 5 star resort in Lonavala is an epitome of elegance, providing the ultimate in style and comfort paired with tranquillity. The property is build around a unique and wonderful collection of pre-existing trees, which are over 70 years old. This natural legacy is the ethos behind our 'Tree of Life' logo and our efforts to re-unite us with nature.